Thursday, August 2, 2012

TCM Summer

Summer under the Stars on TCM has begun.
rarely watch TCM anymore.
they just haven't been playing my style
(at the right times)
in a while now.
but i'm muy exicted about this month.
yay :)
"i used to love him"

and i must say that the graphic team @ TCM does not disappoint.
the graphics on the SUTS page are perfection.

Check out the SUTS schedule & plan to spend some time with some oldies.
but goodies :)


  1. did realize you weren't writing a poem so you didn't really need to use that format right? Just kidding :P Seriously though, I really enjoy how artistic even your conversational posts are. And the conviction through the poetry is....great, yeah I'll stick with great ;) The tv thing though...

    1. yes. i did realize that. but it's a difficult thing. to turn that off. and thank you. they are convicting to me too. don't know why i insist on writing stuff like that.

      and yeah. tv is sadly out of place here now. this blog is slowly, but with certainty, becoming more of a poetry blog... even this post is weirdly lyrical. i should just stop fighting it. maybe a tumblr for poetry? es posible.