Friday, June 8, 2012

ask and receive

here's a poem :)
i wrote just a few days ago.
shared on facebook.
thought i'd share it here too.

the convicting power of the Holy Ghost is really one of the most amazing things you can ever experience.
reminds me of this verse.
the fact that it hurts
and heals
and comforts
pretty awe-inspiring
and the chain effects!
rhyming poem
(which is not really my thing, but i've been playing with it more)

ask and receive
i have been blessed a great deal
of which none i deserve
and i shout up to heaven
and what i shout would unnerve
i shout my complaints
not prayers but complaints
forget all the ares
and shout up the ain'ts
i talk of frustrations
i talk of my falls
and other things i know
You must think very small
and You listen in patience
as i take You to task
and i just bet You're standing there saying
"why don't you just ask?"
ask Me for comfort
ask Me for peace
ask Me for pain and sorrow to cease
ask Me for strength to endure 'til the end
ask for provision and help for your friend
ask Me to draw the lost that you love
ask Me to send you grace for above
ask for forgiveness
and help up from your fall
ask Me to make Me your all in all
ask Me for small things
ask Me for big
just ask Me, you silly
ask your dear father
like any good kid

i told you already how you can receive
ask in prayer and simply believe

out of the hundreds of blessings i've given today
for how many of them did you actually pray?

i told you already how you ought to believe
ask in prayer and simply receive

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