Friday, June 15, 2012

All the Glory

Listened to “the Hurt & the Healer” by MercyMe on my way to work.
I cried.
A good amount.
Enough to make it hard to see.
That song reminds me.
Of several things
And several people.

It reminds me of my brother Jeff.
Who can write like that.
He says just what needs to be said
And he says it well.
I read his writings
On the hardest of subjects
Without white wash
Real and tender
Like David
And I think
How can he get those feelings down on paper?
You see
I can rarely speak of
The things that really matter
Or the pain that really hurts
Those words don’t flow for me
They groan
And I usually let the Holy Spirit speak them
‘Cause I don’t know what to say
And I appreciate Jeff’s ability to say it
Like the Holy Spirit speaks through him.
I admire that.

It reminds me of my brother John and his family
Really they are the first thing
When I cry
It’s for them.
But really
I don’t know whether I’m crying out of sadness
Or astonishment.
How could my brother say
“hold me accountable… that I give God all the glory”
In the midst of his daughter leaving him?
Going to heaven to be with Jesus
No selfish shout to heaven
Demanding God let her stay
How is that possible?
How can I hear my sister Llaby
Praise God with all sincerity and honesty
At her bedside?
How can a seven year old,
Our precious Yessenia,
Give her sister over to God
And ask for forgiveness
For being mad at Him?
And realize that her sister
Is where we all ought to be?

I learned more about peace
And praise
From a week with them
Than I could have
I don’t know
And I am indebted to them
I owe them
I owe them to do the same
Let anything
Go in vain
That their faith reap
exactly what God intended for it too
And God get
And yeah
This song reminds me of that


  1. Jessica, this is beautiful, raw, and honest. I love it, thanks for sharing.


  2. Beautiful as so very true Jessica. Thank you for sharing!


    1. Thank you both! I thought i'd share what they did for me :)