Friday, February 10, 2012

worth it.

so i've been dealing with worth a lot lately
mainly my worth
and realizing just how many different things
i base my worth on...
general opinion

pretty scary

and in reward for looking introspectively
God's been showing me things
working on me
dealing with it
so after some Bible reading
good sermons
long talks
and oddly enough
a few youtube videos
(some were laughter medicine, some were sermonlike...)
i'm getting there :)

i wrote lately
at work
i know
thank the Lord for cubicles
and down time

now my written prayers are usually unseen
just for God
but i think i can share this one
just praying out loud


Help me to put my worth in You
In what You did for me
In what You say my value is
In what You wish to do through me

That worth means things
That means it needs to be cherished
I can't just give up
Throw it away
Leave it on the floor where it fell
Sit in silence
Or worst yet
Kick it while it's down
Instead of lifting a repentant prayer to You
That worth has things to do
Glory to reflect and bring

Let my value
My worth in mine own eyes
From how awful I am
To how great You are

If I wrapped my worth up
In Your power
In Your greatness
If I am
The sum total
Of even the things You have already done
In me
And through me
And for me
Then I am
A great thing
A priceless treasure
The most amazing chase scene even recorded
The greatest battle scene ever written
A victory cry of the all mighty God!
Proof that Jesus still saved old sinners
Like me

I am then evidence of Your great love
A reason to acknowledge Your presence
I am Your vessel, Lord
But even more than that
Your beloved child
The object of Your endless love and faithfulness
You died for me
You love me
You extend mercy and grace to me
You comfort me
You carry me
You reach out and grab me
You talked to me
You work on me
You acknowledge me
You claim me
You lead me
You hold me
Your action verbs constantly surround me
swarm me
I am covered
I am kept
I am hedged
I am overwhelmed
with it
Though I often forget it

I am Yours
And that's enough
And it doesn't matter
If he thinks so
Or she thinks so
or if they ever see it
they don't see a lot of things
I am Yours
And that's worth
That's worth it.

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