Monday, February 13, 2012

a comment

sometimes the pain.
the lies.
the neverminds.
the no's
that come out of their mouths
are just blessings.
blessings from our Lord.
our Saviour.
sometimes their behavior
is just a manifestation of who they really are.
really aren’t.
really would be.
who we'd become.
and a warning to us
not to go that far.
a small glimpse into the future.
the future we so readily and willingly
setup in our heads
and hearts
and beings.
and give to them.
to that girl
or guy
all that was meant for
our God
and His plan.
His lady
or His man.
the one God knows will need us.
will bring us to the place
He has setup
as home
and hope
and bliss.
the one God wants to bless us with.

be thankful.
be grateful.
be joyful.
God watches out for us
even when we are all ready to.
all willing to say yes.
to scream yes.
to bust down closed doors
not knowing even what we should be looking for.
to race ahead of Him.
and let our hearts decide.
like we don’t know.
like He didn’t already tell us so.
that our hearts are deceitful
and desperate
and wicked…

maybe God shut the door.
bolted it.
and is tearing up.
watching us rant.
and vent.
and scream in tears and agony.
in pain.
clawing at Him.
as He stands.
in front of the door.
keeping us out.
or really.
keeping us in.

be thankful.
be grateful.
be joyful.
stop clawing.
stop wearying to find the door.
stop beating at Him.
at His open arms.
and just fall into them.
God is God.
He knows how to open doors.
and close them.
for a reason.
and that reason.
is always love for you.

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