Monday, January 9, 2012

today's reminder

just found this :)
written 07.??.11
i wasn't kidding about the "how'd i get here" moments.
it's good for reminding :)


i've really been talked to lately.
it seems like everyone has been telling
(and sometimes yelling at)
me to get it together.
God opened my ears so i could hear
and i did.
i heard.
and you know what they all said?
look and see.
so God opened my eyes
and boy
am i seeing.
i'm finally starting to see it.
i am truly amazed at how i got here.
i know the signs to this road.
i've warned others to take a better path.
i've gone this far before and saw the road back.
i took that road once.
and now i'm here.
it's amazing how my sight remembered so little of what was.
and gave no warning as it approached it again
after i stopped looking.
stopped looking with my glasses on.
my vision corrector.
my ever crystal clear enlightener.
my God.
i instead had grabbed these shades.
the old shades.
these diluted old things
i should have long gotten rid of.
i put on just to look cool.
to feel cool.
blind but cool.
i must have looked like a fool.


  1. Love this. Made me think...maybe it's time I took my shades off..

  2. Wow. Yeah. I needed that. I am in the process of taking my shades off and looking at the road behind me... When you backslide, you have to climb back up the hill to get where you should be. Praise the Lord that He'll climb it with me! Thanks, Jessabella!