Thursday, January 5, 2012


pinterest is like the new google for me.

me: hmmm. i wonder if there's a way to make that
pinterest: oh yes deary there is! and a many a way actually... just keep scrolling

trying to do the whole "new year rezo" thing 
actually i'm doing it a little different this year.

when i/ then i

recently realized how important it is to celebrate the little victories.
so i'm making myself work for things.
then rewarding me.

you don't get to know all of them.
at least not right now.
but one is:
WHEN I get under _____ lbs, THEN I get to buy myself geek (geekier) glasses :)
it goes without saying that i'm super on this.
i really want those glasses.

ok little rabbit.
you can go now.

back to the original topic.

I found this awesome microwave muffin recipe a while back
but just now made it for the first time. 
I added protein powder to it.
considering i don't get enough of that stuff.
at least for the workout i'm doing.
so that
replacing the stevia with honey
(because i get enough faux sugar by living in the US)
and replacing coconut flour with all-purpose
(don't judge me)
and whoa-la.
and it cooked in 4 minutes :)

and if you like, follow me on pinterest.
i'm a good pinner :)

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