Wednesday, January 11, 2012

my sister is a walking youtube video.
I really need to file away everything she says and write a sitcom with the material.

friend: he's a.... he's a...

other friend: ...word we can't say

sister: ooooo! that's a baaad word


sister: and that's why they call me the awesome!

me: uh, they don't call you that

sister: uh, yes. yes they do


sister: Being Conservative? who likes  Being Conservative on facebook?!
(clicks like button)
me: why did you just like it?!
sister: I don't know! I was drawn to it!


sister (to our friend): are you praying for baby?
friend: yes, I'm praying for baby!
sister: well, are you right with God? can He listen? 'cause I need you to pray for baby.

i love her

she found out the gender.
girl :)
time to knit amazing things
in pink and purple.

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