Tuesday, January 17, 2012

me. in poetry.

so 'member the project i alluded to a while back?
this is it.

i published a book.
but it was quite the feat.
and now here it is.
isn't it beautiful?!

Anatomē of a young poeta

my first book of poetry.
that's right.
10 years of the stuff.
it's been about 4 years
since i started compiling and editing.
my bestest friend, Jana, was my faithful editor.
and we got it down to just under 70 poems
which are
in a way

muy excited about this!
too, plus, also...
muy scared.
being me is one thing
but to be me
in front of God
and everyone
that's a whole other thing

but i believe i got the stamp of approval on this
i feel it's time
and i can do this.
this book is a written testament to my God's great love
awesomeness toward me
so really
it would be wrong not to share it.

so please
check it out
available right now at

p.s. - my friend Sarah took these pics for me :)
and fellow creative here
did some proofing/encouraging/de-freaking out for me

appreciate it, fam :)

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