Tuesday, January 3, 2012

happy new year

happy new year everyone.

i have really been looking forward to this one. 
not in a "2012 is gonna rock big times!" kind of way.
more like a "i'm ready to accomplish muchos" kind of way.

God showed me so many things this past year.
then He showed me again.
He's super merciful like that :)
and i'm so thankful for the past year.

but i know it's time to get serious.
well at least concerned.

anthem for the new year:

you know.
like i meant to.
no more reading my Bible by the skin of my teeth
(FYI: that phrase is actually in the Bible :) Job 19:20)
no more watching shows i don't even like when there's work to do
no more half prayers on a Sunday morning
no more planning to fail
no more racing to work in a sleepy blur
arriving late
and being an overall mess
when i should be prayed up
read up
and given over to God by that time
no more
my goal this year is to try
living on purpose
like i have a purpose
like i've purposed
like all this stuff matters
like i really was bought and paid for 
like God gave me the time to

it's time to
it's time to start planning to grow closer to Him
not hit or miss
not "wow! how'd i get this back-slidden!"
not "i know i haven't been doing well, but i need you, Lord"
it's time for
"hi there again, Lord"
"i know i just called but i wanted to talk to you again, Lord"
it's time to be friends again
it's time to make time for my best Friend 
plan time
plan and keep it

and no
i'm not saying i'll always do it right
i'm not saying i'll be super christian
super employee
super friend
super daughter
super servant
i'm just saying
i'm going to start planning to be
striving to be
expecting me to be
and stop being satisfied with half a relationship
half a project
half a prayer
half my time

i want it all
i want to give it all
to Him

and i know
i'm not perfect
i won't be perfect
but a good question is:

what have i done to achieve perfect?
what's the plan?

that's what i'm working on
a plan
that's the goal

and i'm trusting God with it

and really
as of today


it's working :)


  1. Coincidence, or God, I was struck by this same thought tonight after church. Oh, and I really like the format you've adopted with the center line and poetic script.

  2. definitely God, i'd say :) thank you, Armas. i think this style works for me.