Thursday, December 22, 2011

to all my internetted peoples...

i love the internet.
i know.
i say this all too often.
 and oft times this line follows with some random geek website.
or article.
i found via another blogger's post.
and i give you that.
but this time.
this time it's verdad.
that means for reals in spanish.
muy verdad actually.
i truly love the internet.
i know its evils.
i know people who have and do fall prey to these evils.
i am one of them at times.
but it's not internet's fault we can't control ourselves.
and monitor our time.
and get things done in a timely fashion.
in reality.
that's our own evil.
i’m talking about its virtues here.
the part of the internet that connects.
connects us to the world.
not in a michael jacksonesque we are the world telethon kind of way.
but in a real we each have a soul, living breathing kind of way.
what makes up the world?
and peoples thoughts.
and hopes.
and dreams.
and ideas.
and joys.
and pains.
and loves.
and obsessions.
and desires.
and talents.
and beliefs.
i go through my blogroll daily and daily i am surprised.
but really i shouldn't be by now.
i’m surprised by the amount i learn.
or am inspired.
or am not alone in something or another.
i read blogs by people i know.
and people i don’t know.
and i’m amazed by them.
their skill.
their insight.
their veracity.
they know things.
and don’t mind sharing them.
they feel things.
and don’t mind saying so.
that’s brave.
that’s awesome.
and maybe God taught them something that He wanted to teach me too.
and used them to do it.
well that’s just awesomer.
i laugh.
i cry.
i nod my head up and down in silence.
oh yes.
i get.
i bookmark.
i “repin” it.
so much. 
so very much.
like everything i see.
i find so much more to love and appreciate.
and it makes my day sometimes.
one post.
can make my whole day.
i guess what i’m trying to say is this…
if you blog.
or comment.
or whatever.
don’t stop.
someone is listening.
someone is .
and you may just be making their day.
today. did for me.

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  1. Nice thoughts, using your inspiration to inspire others. That's the way it should work. Bravo.