Wednesday, May 18, 2011

so bummed, dude... but i will survive!

i got up today. late of course. raced to work to clean. got home and totally had it in my mind to wear something spring to the next job. even tough it's re-diculous overcast gloomy today. like yesterday. nevertheless. I. was. determined.

So i got out my jean shirt (one of many i convinced my mom to buy me), a light pink tank and the $2 necklace I just brought for vanity with the floral fabric & pearls (loving this new vintage). oh yes. and a pink bandana. no really. it works. sadly, i have few skirt choices considering i am not allowed to buy new actually clothing until i lose more weight (self-inflicted) So I got out my long gray skirt. had it on the ironing board when I realized... the stupid prewash bleached a spot out right near the crouch!! not good. not good at all.

immediately I remembered my brother Jason and his innate ability to rock bleached/stained clothes. he's super super cool. but given the position, i decided against it.

TMI? i'm sorry. i must tell someone.

So i got out my too flare tan skirt which i only dig about two times out of the year (i'm fickle) and ironed it (takes forever and forever. too flared!) and went on my way.

i now only look moderately chic. feel sorry for me.

the gray skirt was $6 at catos. so no great loss. except versatility wise. and i hate 'losing' clothes. I give them away. yes. but that's a choice. this was determined for me. i was powerless.

feeling any sorrier for me yet?

ok. now that my angst/rant is done. i have decided. nay. purposed. to re-purpose.
yes. an excuse to be crafty!
really, in retrospect, i needed this.

so i went back to the old blog roll and found this...

of course! one of C & C's many refashions! I love this lady!

so with her inspiration i WILL be rocking a white skirt in time. again. i. love. the. internet! 

and of course Cotton & Curls :)

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