Friday, April 22, 2011

So intriguing... I could just die

So the press conference has been held. and it s official. I. love. the. internet!

I have been crazy busy creeping on blogs from refashions to random thoughts and I've come to the conclusion that this world is full of talented, interesting people with much to say. and I love the internet for giving them a broad, varied, and completely global medium in which to work. because i get to partake. awesome. sheer awesomeness.

I'm "following" a million jillion blogs right now and finding more everyday. I will be trying my very best to share some of these O-mazing individuals with you all but there are soooo many it may take a while....and I'm a supercrastinator (oh yes. that's a status hard to achieve, people. congratulate me.) so bare with.

Today let's focus on words....

I love poetry. I write myself. And love reading others. I came across this blog and read one poem. Just one. and I knew I needed to post her on my blog.

I read "you call me beautiful" and thought to myself "wow, now this is love worth writing about" and then "ain't white a color?"... and just kept nodding up my head up and down. you need to love her. or you're not a cool kid. trust me.

her name inspired a little poemage (poem + homage) of my own...

the tears of a poet often fall
as ink runs across a page
and say as much
if not more
than any facts ever rely
and i say
if tears must fall
let their stains read useful
like these tears
for the comfort of a hidden poet
who has yet to learn to cry
in words written in liquid black

ok. I'm no ashley logan but attempts make for future succeeds...  : )

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