Thursday, April 21, 2011

so genius

blog creeping again. every since my little sister and her beau started talking marriage I have been scoping out wedding sites and blogs to get ideas. well, now they are engaged and i have been in full pursuit :)  

fell in love with elizabeth dye & the english dept.'s dresses long ago. just checking in on her blog and saw this interesting wedding story...

this couple said peace-kies to stressed out wedding & well hi there to fabulous guerilla wedding inside MoMA in NYC. clever!! perfect for artists in love. I've always wanted to get married in an art museum...

 head over to elizabeth dye's blog to see the full story.


  1. have you checked out pintrest? ahh! so many pictures and wedding ideas it's incredible! oh! and that site is gold.

  2. yes! Totally love pintrest though I have not utilized it as much as I should. wow. thanks. that is green gold.