Tuesday, April 26, 2011

so, as promised

I few posts back I promised to add some pics from my Jamaica Trip and of the dresses I made my sister and myself for my brother's wedding. Well, after some great amounts of procrastination and some facebook stalking I got a few. My family and I are the worst picture takers ever so I got a very few. But the memories live on in a mind camera ; ) Too bad you all can't see in here... it's amazing...

one of the many gorgeous views
 (with random vactioners cropped out, how am i to know how big of creepers you all are)

as you will recall I made my sis an altered version of simplicity 6002 pattern. I will have to make her pose for better ones at a later date. for now though, these will do...

jill in her dress. and her killer accessories. she got style.

here's a back view. and me and my sis jen too. she got style too.
 this is the dress I made myself. not a great view though.

all thug... all the time
There are more pics for the wedding but again, how creeper are you? there's no way to tell. And since I have no permission from my bro jeff to put his business out on front... this is all you get. but enjoy :)


  1. you MADE those?!?! i wish i had your skill!

  2. thanks for the compliment. I gots big plans for sewing after jill's wedding... so I should be putting up all kinds of things then. glad you liked them.

    ps. i'm sure you could do whatever you put your mind to... you're awesome!

    pss. i love your blog :)