Friday, March 25, 2011

So glad I bought these!

So I haven't had new glasses in a few years. I got an eye exam in '09 but never order new frames. Uber expensive! They just never seemed feasible especially since I could still see pretty good out of the old ones. But now my old faithfuls have so many scratches I can barely see out of them. So I started to investigate a better option. Ok. So I did have to look far. My mom got a pair of glasses from a few years back, that she liked, for under $40. Sounded good. After some research about lens thickness, pupillary distance, and a trip to the optical center to determine best frame shapes for my face (thanks for your help, shauna) I ordered these lovely black frames. I've been told that they complete my "rockstarness" what do you think?

Well, I absolutely love them!They made me sick for a few days and the thick rims created huge "blind spots" for a while. And I whined. Oh, how I whined. But I think I'm used to them now. Best part: under $25!!! Best buy of 2011 so far!!

P.S - I bought some prescrip sunglasses as to come...

Next frame purchase....wayfarers...age of the geek, baby :)

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